Welcome to the virtual temple of the Techno Buddha (gnostic). I’m your host, mike the technobuddhist by the grace of Eris, High Lama, Drunken Master, pathetic Novice and caretaker of this temple. I’m a student of Buddhist mental technology and non-theistic spirituality.

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Although I quite like techno, trance, goa, ska and jazz music that has nothing to do with the Techno Buddha; well not directly.

Something about non-theistic spirituality by Olaf Stapleton: What Are “Spiritual” Values?

“The goal or rather direction of spiritual development, so far as I can see, is very roughly this: precise and comprehensive awareness of the world, including oneself and other selves; precise feeling about all this; and coherent and creative action to open up ever new possibilities of the life of the spirit. This goal is essentially a communal, not an individualistic or private, goal. The self-centred individual can never even begin to seek It. It is the way of life for individuals, but only for those who feel themselves to be “members one of another.”

Both strict humanists and theists might, I think, be persuaded to agree on some such terms. What they would certainly disagree about is the status of spiritual values. Humanists might indeed quite well call the values of the developed consciousness “spiritual,” and might even speak of “the spirit of man” or the “human spirit”; but without implying that a metaphysical substance of spiritual nature resided in or possessed all human individuals. The human spirit, they might say, is simply the form of behaviour or way of life which is distinctive of the human species, even though no human beings succeed in living permanently on that high level. The spiritual values are the values recognized by man on that highest plane of his development.

True! But I think strict humanists do not always realize the full implications of this kind of statement. They fall to realize that to say this is to accept a standard other than sheer humanity.”

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