An Unusually Hardcore Dharma Book II

14 12 2008

The Daniel Ingram book, Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha is also available in HTML for on-line reading here.

From the Foreword:

I have also written this book in what is clearly my own voice. Those who have read this work who know me tell me that they can almost hear me saying it.

I should also mention that I consider myself and many of those who hail from the lineages from which I primarily draw to be dharma cowboys, mavericks, rogues, and outsiders. Really wanting to get somewhere is a sure ticket to feeling this way in most Western Buddhist circles. What is ironic is that I also see myself as an extreme traditionalist. The strange thing is that these days to be a Buddhist traditionalist, one who really tries to plunge the depths of the heart, mind and body as the Buddha so clearly admonished his followers to do, is to fly in the face of much of mainstream meditation culture.

I am drawn to this voice.




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